Setting Roots

Last post I talked about the germination phase of this 'project' that is underway.  Well, roots are starting to grow and take hold.

There is something both exciting and frightening about what is going on.  I want to run forward with complete abandon - like a child sprinting for the playground after many days stuck inside, or the employee flying home after a long work week. That's the reckless part of me speaking.  The responsible part keeps saying, "Hold on sister!  Take a breath... don't be impatient, we'll get where we need to be in good time."

Thankfully there is a responsible side that is much, much stronger and can anticipate bumps and struggles and pitfalls, and is working to make a plan of action before diving head-long into the uncertainty of what sits before me.

At this point a small catalogue of products is being produced, order forms are printed and pricing is being negotiated. What is more, yesterday I took a Food Safe Level 1 course (recommended for the level of production I'm at) and passed with a perfect score!

That said, things are moving forward, even if it seems like it's at a snail's pace.  What is the saying?  Don't rush a good thing.  I won't rush... I will be patient and persistent like the tortoise and hope that my efforts provide a decent return.

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