Setting Roots

Last post I talked about the germination phase of this 'project' that is underway.  Well, roots are starting to grow and take hold.

There is something both exciting and frightening about what is going on.  I want to run forward with complete abandon - like a child sprinting for the playground after many days stuck inside, or the employee flying home after a long work week. That's the reckless part of me speaking.  The responsible part keeps saying, "Hold on sister!  Take a breath... don't be impatient, we'll get where we need to be in good time."

Thankfully there is a responsible side that is much, much stronger and can anticipate bumps and struggles and pitfalls, and is working to make a plan of action before diving head-long into the uncertainty of what sits before me.

At this point a small catalogue of products is being produced, order forms are printed and pricing is being negotiated. What is more, yesterday I took a Food Safe Level 1 course (recommended for the level of production I'm at) and passed with a perfect score!

That said, things are moving forward, even if it seems like it's at a snail's pace.  What is the saying?  Don't rush a good thing.  I won't rush... I will be patient and persistent like the tortoise and hope that my efforts provide a decent return.


A Place to Call My Own

Tulip bulbs are typically planted in autumn.  Throughout the cold winter months, those bulbs work quietly and subterranially to plant deep, lasting roots - roots which will sustain it for years to come, to hold it in place and, no matter how the seasons change, allow it to resurface every year, bold and beautiful.

It seems that a dream in the form of a resilient bulb has been planted in Auntie M's head which has been taking root over the past 10 years.  Now it is spring and that bulb is starting to show signs of life, of breaking through the soil and showing itself to the light of day.

Have you ever had a dream?  One that, no matter the circumstances or doubts or uncertainties keeps nagging at you, willing you to give it attention? to give it form and voice?  That is what is happening here, and it has taken up a tenacious hold on me!!

There is still much to gain, much to learn, much to sort through and work out - it may be the work of another 10 years, who knows?  But one thing I do know for sure: after years of wandering through the fields of life, acting on whims and whispers, I have something to work towards, a specific goal to achieve, and am excited to see it come into being!


Head full of Ideas!

Auntie M'z Kitchen has been working up a storm and considering new ideas, projects and... of course... recipes!

Take a look below at some of the latest treats from the oven!!

just formed - first rising

little spine to hold in all that goodness
four mini loaves - sweet gifts for some sweet folk

score! trying a few things out here

final product - voilĂ !

Keep an eye open for new developments in Auntie M'z Kitchen, as there are some pretty exciting things in store :)


Christmas Cards

Yep, I'm coming back to that theme since we are now 1 month and 20 days away!

My church is selling Christmas Cards in support of Doctors Without Borders, as they did last year, and I think it's a fantastic way to raise money, especially as crises bubble up all over the globe in various forms and regions.

Since Christmas is often considered a time of giving, I got to thinking: maybe someone else would consider buying a set of cards to share with others as a form of raising money for another charity or cause that is dear to them.

On that note, I would like to offer the following:

Anyone interested in purchasing a set of cards (50 or more) for the express purpose of fundraising will receive a special discount of $1.50 per card.  That means every penny earned above that is your for donation. 

Please email me for more details and to arrange delivery.  On orders of 100+ cards, I will also waive shipping charges. How's that for a deal!!

Happy Giving!

~ Auntie M. ~


Getting Started

Starting a project like this isn't easy.  It takes time.  It takes thought.  It takes guts and confidence.

This is partially why it has taken 2 years to finally take the first step in building my hobby into something beautiful: an opportunity to share the joy I get out of my craft with others.  Having had ample amount of time off to consider, reconsider, work out and then decide has also helped give direction and vision which were previously lacking.

For a long time friends and family have been pressing me to make a living out of photography - to get out there and assert myself as a creative artist.  While their encouragements are greatly appreciated, I can say with all honesty, that will never be my intention. There are so many people with digital cameras who are flooding the cyber world with their art, and with today's technology, it is easy for anyone to get fantastic photos in a *snap*.

Thankfully, my need for regularity, schedules and security keep me steady and I can accept that if someone likes my work and wants to invest in it, they are welcome to, but in no way will I allow the necessity of having to take pictures rob me of the enjoyment found in it.  For now, when photography is frustrating or trying or simply boring, I can set it aside - let it rest on the counter for a week, a month, a year if needed.  The freedom to do that allows it to remain a creative art instead of a burden, always pressing to be new, different, exciting, pleasing.  When it's a job, you don't have that choice, you must press on.

Marketing has begun.  It's a start.  I will be fully operational and ready to go by October (physically and mentally, that is) but without the assumption of being "in business" and without the stress of having to make it work.

If it does, great.  If it doesn't, at least I can say I gave it a shot!

Thank you for your support,

Auntie M.