Summer Slimmer Sauce!

For those of you who ADORE ceasar salad dressing but not the calories that go with it, try this healthy alternative!

1 500 mL tub garlic hummus
1 bottle (325 mL) PC basil parmasean dressing

combine & serve!

* note - you do not have to use the entire contents; just mix as you require in equal amounts 1 tbsp hummus to 2 tbsp dressing *

hummus has significantly less calories than mayonnaise and acts as the filler in this dressing. garlic hummus simply adds that 'spice' factor, whereas the oil-based dressing thins it out to give a nice consistency for mixing.

this recipe is GREAT for salads, vegetables and (when thinned out with a greater dressing to hummus ratio) oven-roasted potatoes.

feedback appreciated if you decide to try this, or your own variations : )

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