And so it came to pass that many wonderful things were made : )

1) Pie was fabulous! Have not made a pie that beautiful and tasty in all my history of making pies (which is about 12 years now...) Perhaps this is the beginning of a very happy relationship between me & pastry. Recipe for the foolproof pie dough can be found here.

2) I made the most delicious pizza too while in the throws of cooking. Quick tip: if using sausage as a topping, fry it up with some white onions before topping the pizza. Adds a special zest! Also, alternative to pizza sauce = tomato paste + salsa. Yum!

3) Chickpeas are still rock-hard. Anyone!? Please!!

4) Tomorrow it's the pumpkin scones. I have been wanting since Thursday of last week to make them and by-golly I WILL make them tomorrow! What a way to usher in October.

5) Also hot on the Autumn cook-list is buttercup squash. Perhaps tomorrow I'll post a recipe for Buttercup Delight - a soup I've been making to enjoy this seasonal gourd.

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